Team Building

Team Building, Team Bonding and Large Group, On-Water Activities and Events in: Amelia Island/Fernandina Beach and Jacksonville, FL; Atlanta, GA; Greenville, SC; and Grand Rapids, MI — using Kayaks, Big Canoes (25′ long, 10-paddlers each) and Giant Stand-Up Paddle Boards.

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Team Building in Kayaks

Large Group Kayaking adventures will take your group out of their daily routines and comfort zones and allow them to share an experience that is often a first-time proposition for many of the participants. The fun and laughter begin immediately and the entire experience is all-natural, organic and interactive — creating lasting memories and strong connections between participants. Using primarily tandem kayaks, teamwork is required on many levels with natural challenges built-in to the activity of tandem kayaking — and some not-so-natural challenges added for participants who think they’re up to the task.

When people share a new experience, or work together to solve a problem or overcome a challenge, teamwork is fostered and June 2011 009erelationships are built. Kayaking is indeed a new experience for most people. And, even for those who have kayaked before, kayaking with a group – as part of a team – is an excellent opportunity to learn to work together in a fun, low-stress environment while experiencing nature in a truly unique and exciting way.

Without exception, our guided kayak trips and team building events begin with several individuals learning a new activity in a natural setting – and they end with one group sharing laughter and stories about one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. Even without a team-building agenda, group kayaking is the perfect team-building evolution and one of the best ways to build memories and bonds that will truly last a lifetime.

If you’re looking for the perfect idea for a group outing, team building activity or other corporate events, a guided kayak trip is what you seek. Whether an incentive or reward for a group, a wellness or stress-management outing or a team building experience, a guided kayak trip with our professional staff is the ultimate group activity for visitors to the coast — and a great way to bring groups together.

Team Building in War Canoes

Our Giant War Canoes are perfect for group outings and team building events! These BIG CANOES accommodate 10-people each and highlight all the aspects of teamwork and team building. A War Canoe Adventure requires immediate and constant cooperation and teamwork and bonds the group in a very special way. Sharing new and unusual experiences creates special connections between participants; and our War Canoes are by far the most unique and unusual group experience around. For more information on Up The Creek’s BIG CANOE FUN, visit:



Team Building with Mega SUP’s

Stand Up Paddle boards (SUP’s) have become increasingly popular in past years; but giant, MEGA SUP’s are relatively new to the paddling world. Our Mega SUP’s are over 18-feet in length and are rated for up to 8 adults (though we’ve seen as many as 13 on one during a team building event). With the Mega SUP’s, we aren’t limited to paddling at any particular venue; we can bring these Giant SUP’s to practically any lake with water access. If you have an alternate location for your event, just give us the details and we’ll make sure it’s an appropriate site for the Mega SUP’s. There are a number of team building games that can be played with Mega SUP’s and all of them involve the possibility of taking an unplanned swim. Because of that, we recommend Mega SUP’s only be used during the warmer months of the year to ensure comfort and safety. For more information about our Mega SUP’s, visit:

Our group and team events are exclusive events with closed booking that is not open to the public. In addition to instruction and ongoing interpretation and oversight, our guides provide water and snacks; but attendees are welcome to bring along anything they’d like. To book your Team Building Event or Activity in the Amelia Island / Fernandina Beach / Yulee, Florida area, just email us at: or call and leave a detailed message at: 855-4-KAYAK FUN (855)452-9253.

Our organic team building events aren’t just for performance-minded businesses and corporations, our team building and team bonding events and activities are perfect for any group or organization.

Team Building and Team Bonding Events and Activities are Perfect for:

  • Schools (Students; Staff; Clubs; Teams; etc…)
  • Churches and church groups
  • Social Clubs and Organizations
  • Businesses and Corporations
  • Teams
  • Family Reunions
  • Class Reunions
  • Wedding parties
  • Home School groups
  • Mom’s groups
  • and more…

Our guided kayak trips and team building events and activities help people and groups learn, grow and find the mindset and tools to work through new experiences effectively — both as individuals and as a team. In a safe and comfortable environment, your group will find it fun and easy to try new things and open their minds to new ideas and effective ways of thinking and working together.

Contact our staff for details or to schedule your next event. If you’re a meeting planner and you are already working with a destination services coordinator, simply ask them to make sure paddling and team building is on the list of available activities and we’ll coordinate with them to ensure your group has an ideal on-water experience. Most of our exclusive, on-water team building events and activities range from $75.00/person to $165.00/person. To start planning your next group outing, email us at: with the date, time, location, number of participants and desired activity and we’ll check availability and get your team on our calendar as we work on the logistics of a customized event for you.

Approximately 2-Hours (With advance notice, we can design an event to fit any itinerary.)
Fill out a trip inquiry form for specific details and pricing for your event: Inquire Here

We offer all of our Team Building and Team Bonding activities and events in: Amelia Island/Fernandina Beach, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; Greenville, South Carolina; and, Jacksonville, Florida — and we’ve traveled as far as Michigan to do a corporate event with the Big Canoes. To start planning your next group outing, email us at: with the date, time, location, number of participants and desired activity and we’ll check availability and get your team on our calendar as we work on the logistics of a customized event for you.

Meet Our Team

up the creek guide staff

It’s easy to book online

Feel Free To Email or Call

We have made booking online super easy and convenient. If for some reason you have questions, are planning on paying in cash or would rather book directly with us please fill out our Inquiry form under the book a tour tab and we will personally handle your booking. We look forward to sharing the beauty of the coast with you.

What to Bring Paddling

There are several things that you can bring to ensure that your kayak tour with us will be enjoyable. Up The Creek provides all the necessary equipment, including a Kayak or Paddleboard, Paddle, PFD, water and snacks. The list below details some additional recommendations for a pleasant day on the water.
  • Dress for the weather in quick drying clothing
  • Hat & Sunglasses w/strap
  • Sandals or Old Tennies
  • Sunscreen & Bug spray
  • Emergency Medications
  • Dry bag or box if you have one
  • A smile and enthusiasm
  • No Jeans or Sweatshirts

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